Embrace Holistic Wellness and Pure Relaxation at Sauna Amalfi

At Sauna Amalfi, your well-being is our highest priority. Our offerings are meticulously crafted to envelop you in care, aiming to elevate your health and vitality. Within our walls, an environment of tranquility awaits, designed to foster relaxation and rejuvenation. Here, you are invited to unwind, recharge, and immerse yourself in unparalleled care.

Infrared Sauna

Discover Sanctuary: Positano, Capri, and Sorrento Rooms
Step into the embrace of our infrared sauna rooms, each a private haven named after the enchanting locales of the Amalfi Coast. In these sanctuaries, personalisation meets wellness; select your chromotherapy light, lose yourself in music or meditative sounds, or indulge in your favourite Netflix shows, all while basking in the nurturing glow of infrared heat.

Each room is a cocoon of comfort, featuring a full-spectrum Clearlight infrared sauna, a spacious shower, and a TV connected to streaming services through Bluetooth speakers integrated within the sauna.

Your Session Experience:
Each 45-minute session is an invitation to bliss, complete with a towel, chilled lemon-infused water, and a refreshing scented towel to conclude your journey towards revitalisation.

Benefits Unveiled:
Our Clearlight infrared saunas are gateways to transformative wellness, providing safe, gentle heat that stimulates hormesis – beneficial stress that prompts adaptation and growth. The rewards of this sanctuary include stress alleviation, mood enhancement through endorphin and dynorphin release, detoxification, reduced inflammation and muscle soreness, alongside improvements in sleep quality and cardiovascular health.


Contrast Therapy

Revitalise in the Amalfi Room: A Sanctuary of Refreshment
The Amalfi room, dedicated to contrast therapy, offers a unique wellness journey, encouraging your body to find balance through the interplay of heat and cold. Embrace rejuvenation as you alternate between our traditional Finnish sauna’s warmth and the invigorating chill of our cold plunge.

Equipped with everything needed for a holistic experience, including a traditional Finnish sauna, a filtered, temperature-controlled cold plunge, a spacious shower, and a TV with streaming access via sauna-integrated Bluetooth speakers.

Your Session Experience:
Indulge in a 45-minute session that promises refreshment and renewal, complemented by a towel, chilled lemon-infused water, and a refreshing scented towel to perfectly conclude your therapy.

Benefits Unveiled:
Contrast therapy harnesses the power of thermal fluctuation to stimulate your circulatory system, creating a ‘pump’ effect that aids in healing and relief. This dynamic therapy reduces inflammation and pain, accelerates muscle recovery, diminishes fatigue, and uplifts mental health by promoting endorphin release, thereby enhancing mood and reducing stress.


Membership Packages

For those seeking to indulge in wellness more frequently, we offer ongoing membership packages tailored for regular Contrast Therapy or Infrared Sauna sessions. Explore our memberships for convenient access to consistent treatments designed to help you unwind and rejuvenate.


Single person weekly memberships as low as $40 per infrared sauna session and $55 per contrast therapy session.


Catering for those that are always on the move, our six-month multipacks allow for savings without having to commit to a weekly membership.

Benefits at a glance

Stress and Mood Management

Eliminate stress and boost happiness in one go. Our Infrared Sauna releases endorphins for serenity, while Contrast Therapy cuts fatigue and elevates mental clarity.

Detoxification and Recovery

Purge toxins and fast-track muscle healing. Infrared Sauna sessions drive out impurities, and Contrast Therapy hastens recovery, keeping you in peak form.

Inflammation and Pain Relief

Bid farewell to discomfort and inflammation. Thermal therapies from our Infrared Sauna and Contrast Therapy sessions provide immediate relief and foster healing.

Enhanced Sleep Quality

Dive into deeper sleep effortlessly. The Infrared Sauna's gentle warmth preps your body for a night of profound rest, ensuring you wake up rejuvenated.

Cardiovascular Support

Energise your heart health. Enhanced circulation from our Infrared Sauna, coupled with Contrast Therapy's benefits, fortifies your cardiovascular system.

Total Rejuvenation

Recharge your energy and mental well-being. Combat fatigue and elevate your mood with the dual power of Infrared Sauna and Contrast Therapy for all-round vitality.


The primary differences between an infrared sauna and a traditional Finnish sauna lie in their heating mechanisms, temperatures, and the overall experience they offer:

Infrared Sauna: Infrared saunas use infrared heaters to emit infrared radiant heat. This type of heat directly penetrates the body, warming it from the inside out. The heat is absorbed by the skin without significantly increasing the surrounding air temperature. Infrared saunas operate at lower temperatures (typically between 50°C to 65°C), with a focus on directly warming the body rather than heating the air.

Traditional Sauna: Traditional Finnish saunas use a conventional heater that heats rocks. Traditional saunas operate at higher temperatures, ranging between 65°C to 90°C. The high temperatures lead to an intense heat experience, and water can be added to the rocks to create steam, increasing humidity.

All sessions run for up to 45 minutes.

Our rooms are suitable for up to two people at a time.

Yes, we provide chilled, lemon-infused water for all guests. We also have filtered water on tap for those who bring their own drink bottle.

Yes, all rooms have their own private, spacious shower with hooks and a bench seat for your belongings.

Although you have prepaid, our booking system will require your card details as you book your sessions. You will not be charged extra, as this is a formality required to secure your booking.

Please call or email us to redeem your gift voucher and book your session.

We provide a towel, water and organic bodywash, however you are welcome to bring you own.

We recommend wearing swimwear during your session and light, loose clothing post-session to ensure you are comfortable and feeling relaxed.

Of course! Each room can accommodate up to two people at a time. Guest fees apply.

Yes, each room is designed to allow our guests to enjoy their own private rejuvenation experience.

Yes, we are available for group bookings of up to 10 people. Please contact us directly.

We have a strict 8-hour cancellation policy. Cancellations made within 8 hours of your booking will incur full fee.